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Every picture tells a story. That’s why I’m a photographer—I want to tell stories with my camera. I want to capture the moments that others miss because they’re too focused on tomorrow, or too absorbed in the craziness of their own lives. But moments happen all the time. The trick is to see them. When I carry my camera, I can see them. Whether I wander the city streets or backpack trails cutting through wilderness, if I have a camera, I notice moments, and I try to capture them with the quick clicks of my shutter. Stories really are everywhere. Writers reveal them with their words, artists with their canvases, and photographers with their pictures. I’m a photographer and my vision is to capture the story told by the moment.


People and Portraits

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Belly Dancers

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Music Makers and Musicians

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Blood Moon 08 After Party

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Wagon Train 2009

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Bohemian Carnival April 2009

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The Human Rodeo

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Blood Moon 2009--Oz and the After-Party

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New Years 2010: Hermosa Beach

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2010 The Edwardian Ball--Night 1

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2010 Edwardian Ball--Night 2

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Savannah, GA--June 2010

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SF Bohemian Carnival--February 2010

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August 2010 2nd Saturday and Unmata Show

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2011 Edwardian Ball

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2011 Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition

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Found Subjects

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2011 Road Trip to Salt Lake City, Utah

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Buildings and Architecture

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The Street

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